Winner 2019

Augustin Rebetez – laureate of the 1st edition of the Alfred Latour Prize


In June 2019, the jury unanimously awarded the Alfred Latour Prize to Augustin Rebetez. They were principally persuaded by the coherence of the artist’s universe, his management of space on the page and the multiplicity of his talents and modes of expression. As well as the substantial bursary, the publication of this magnificent work in book form both recognizes Augustin Rebetez and constitutes the Alfred Latour Prize.

© Actes Sud/ Fondation Alfred Latour, 2020

Augustin Rebetez, «Le Cœur entre les dents – Manifeste primitif», Actes Sud, 20 x 26,5 cm, 384 pages, 49 CHF/39 EUR

Preface by Michela Alessandrini
Afterword by Antoine Volodine

« Rebetez’s art is an immersive practice, powerful and moving, primed to fascinate and carry away any who allow their curiosity to get the better of them. Like Louise Bougeois’s Femme Maison series of figures, he presents us with haunted places, often naïve and childish in aspect, penned with impulsive gestures that are both direct and sincere. The artist is interested in shaping a language – a system of references and symbols – that really matters to him. » Michela Alessandrini in her preface.

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