The foundation

The Alfred Latour Foundation was established in Fribourg, Switzerland on 22 September 2004. It moved to Lausanne in the summer of 2018, where it remains. Recognized as an entity of public value by the Swiss Confederation, its goal is to conserve, promote, advertise and give life to the memory and work of the painter Alfred Latour (1888–1964).

Along with the Foundation, the Association of the Friends of Alfred Latour, founded in Paris in 2003 and presided by the painter’s son, M. Jean Latour, strives to spread knowledge of Latour throughout the world. The Association enjoys the support of many admirers of Latour’s work, among whom are Mme Joëlle Pijaudier-Cabot, Director of the Museums of Strasbourg, and M. and Mme Hubert Aynard, owners of the prestigious Fontenay Abbey in Burgundy.