Alfred Latour, Photographs – Framing his Times

A comprehensive exhibition of Alfred Latour’s photography was organized, for the very first time, at the Réattu Museum. In his preface to the edition of the magazine Arts et métiers graphiques of 25 August 1931, the poet and art critic Philippe Soupault wrote, “We were absolutely determined that photography should be an art […] With very few exceptions — which only go to prove the rule — photographers attempt to produce paintings.”

Before becoming a photographer, Alfred Latour had always been a painter. Thus, his work plays no part in this rather futile effort. Rather it constitutes a legitimate element in the history of photography and so hangs — for the duration of an exhibition — on the walls of the first French art museum to have assembled a photography collection.

The Réattu Museum, Arles, from 29 March to 30 December 2018


The Exhibition in Pictures